Licensing & Deployment

We offer license models and software deployment options tailored to your company’s specific needs.

License Models

We offer three different license models for our products. Most of our customers choose the Corporate License as it offers the best value.


Single User License Multi User License Corporate License
License Users Single User 1) Multiple Users 1) All Employees
License Period 1 Year
License Expiration Individual Common
License Key Individual Common (can be included in installer package)
  • Flexibility
  • Additional users can be added during the license period at monthly prices
  • License true-up at the end of the license period
  • All licenses can be extended at once
  • Flatrate, even if additional employees are hired during the license period
  • Reduced effort for ordering licenses (only one order per year)
  • Easier license management & software deployment
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Our license agreement is part of our General Terms and Conditions.

1) Users are uniquely identified by the combination of Windows / macOS username and domain / hostname (or hash values thereof). If the same person uses multiple such combinations, each combination is counted separately for licensing.

Software Deployment Options

As a standard, we offer two different types of Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages:

Per-Machine Installation (recommended)

  • Installation for all users on a machine
  • Default installation path: Program Files (x86)
  • Administrative privileges required 
  • Updates via SCCM or similar deployment tools


Per-User Installation

  • Installation for currently logged in Windows user only
  • Default installation path: Local Application Data
  • No administrative privileges required
  • Automatic updates (optional)


We generally recommend to have Efficient Elements customized to your company’s corporate design. All customized editions of Efficient Elements are packaged in an individual MSI package. We can also include your license data so users will not have to enter it manually. License data can also be passed to msiexec.exe as a command line parameter. Please contact us for detailed instructions.

If you have special requirements for the installation packages to be used in your company (e.g. Terminal Server), we can also offer installation packages tailored to your IT environment and specific requirements.