Efficient Elements shows its true potential, both in terms of slide quality and time saving, when it is customized to your company’s corporate design.

We highly recommend to take advantage of our customization services – not because we are good sales people, but because it makes a lot of sense for you.
We offer the following options to customize Efficient Elements for presentations to your needs:

Standard Customization

Adjustment of colors, sizes, positions, font, line weight etc. for Agenda Wizard, Element Wizard, Format Wizard and Master Wizard (also available for multiple designs and master templates).

Excl. VAT Incl. 19% VAT
499 EUR 593.81 EUR
649 USD 772.31 USD
Payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, free delivery worldwide via E-mail / Download

Get Efficient Elements Customized!

We will be happy to discuss your individual customization needs and feature requirements with you.