Offline Activation

Product Activation

Efficient Elements for presentations needs to be activated over the internet before the full functionality can be used.
If you do not agree with the product activation privacy policy below, please refrain from activating your license. Please note that the license fee is non-refundable in this case.

Offline Activation Process (version 1.5.x and lower)

This process is only required if the activation functionality built into Efficient Elements is not working in your corporate network (e.g. due to firewall restrictions). If this is the case, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download our Offline Activation Tool and run it on the machine where Efficient Elements needs to be activated.
  2. Please fill in the following form and enter the hardware key generated by the tool:

Manual Activation of Newer Versions

The activation process described above is compatible with versions 1.5.x and lower. To manually activate a newer version of Efficient Elements for presentations (version 2.0.x and higher) please click here.

Privacy Policy

Efficient Elements GmbH uses product activation as an anti-piracy measure to protect its intellectual property and enforce the license terms and conditions.
During activation, Efficient Elements for presentations creates a hardware identifier which is unique to your computer’s current configuration. The hardware identifier does not contain any personal information and is used for activation purposes only.
The hardware identifier as well as the information you entered during the setup process will be transmitted through a non-encrypted internet connection and will be stored on our license server.
The transmitted activation data will be treated confidentially and will exclusively be used by Efficient Elements GmbH for license management purposes. None of the activation data will be handed to any third party.